5 Tips to Remodel Your Home for Indoor-Outdoor Flow

The inside and outside of the home are spaces that are traditionally decorated to feel physically and mentally isolated from each other. Thankfully this narrow point-of-view is falling out of fashion and new home remodeling trends are emerging. Instead, homeowners are embracing an “indoor-outdoor flow” approach to exterior design and remodeling. This philosophy brings living room outside, and the backyard into the dining area.

Want your home to feel larger and more inviting? Use these five tips to make this home remodeling trend work for you!

Add A Deck Or Patio

One of the easiest ways to remodel your home to reflect an indoor-outdoor flow is by adding a deck or patio. You might prefer a deck if you live on uneven terrain, as they would be easier to install than a patio. A deck can also significantly raise the resale value of your home. A patio works best if it’s built on relatively level ground. It’s also the more affordable of the two options.

Whichever choice you go with, it will represent an ideal starting point for creating a living space that easy flows together.

Decorate Using A Common Theme

In addition to using living room furniture outside, why not use a similar color theme? Color can be one of the easiest ways to psychologically join two areas together. Using similar furniture and colors makes it feel as if an area of the house naturally, rather than ending abruptly, when you head into the adjacent outdoor area.

Build An Outdoor Kitchen

Many homeowners think of cooking in the backyard as something limited to grilling during summer months. But building an outdoor kitchen makes this a practical activity no matter what the occasion. Some of the more well-thought-out additions work as a second kitchen area. Make sure to hire an experienced room addition contractor for your home in order to make this “outside kitchen” a favorite spot in your house.

Keep Weather In Mind

One of the biggest reasons for an indoor-outdoor disconnect is one space involves weather concerns the other typically lacks. Still, it’s possible to remodel while making the elements work in your favor. An east-facing deck will make breakfast a pleasantly warm affair and provide a shady getaway during the much-hotter afternoon. It’s also best to opt for indoor-looking furniture that holds up to wind and rain.

Add Special Doors To Bring The Outside In

The most effective tool for adding indoor-outdoor flow is making use of special doors. Whereas a traditional door further divides outside and inside spaces, these doors are created with this particular construction style mind. Popular choices include bi or tri-fold doors, glass sliding doors, and also rolling blinds.

Think of your entire home space as one unified living area Indoor-outdoor flow is easiest to achieve when you think of the whole home as a unified space. When planning your new remodeling project, you should consider hiring a contractor who has experience with this new trend. Many general contractors throughout the country are well educated in this new home remodeling trend and can answer whatever renovation concerns you might have. Choose the one who specializes in room additions for your construction needs.

Is An Online School As Effective As A Traditional On Campus School?

Online schooling is in its early days. Many people are wondering whether it will be better or worse than traditional schooling. As more and more people are trying it, more come to realise just what good it can do. After running a survey on the topic of Online Education, we have come to the conclusion that online schooling is on the rise. As people are discovering it, they become convinced that this is definitely the education of the future.

In our survey, we asked many people what they thought. 65% said that online education was definitely better than traditional education. 35% preferred traditional education.

Of the 65% we received the following comments:

A single mother of four kids wrote: “Online Education is definitely very helpful for single parents who are working. If I wasn’t able to take my classes online I would not be able to study and get my diploma. Taking care of my family and working full time leaves no time to sit in a class and be taught. Online education enabled me to work my studies around my busy schedule. This means I can upgrade my skills so that I will be able to get a higher paying job so that I can take better care of my family.”

Paul, the principal of a high school wrote: “Online Education is definitely the way education will be conducted in future, as it will help more students be able to pass. We started an online branch of our school and students who failed or were at risk were encouraged to complete their studies online. Most of these students were able to pass their courses because it enabled them to learn at their own pace, and the distractions, or the ability to distract others was taken away.”

Casey also wrote along this line and said: “So much time is taken up settling a class and dealing with others that have behaviour problems. Online education eliminates this and you can just get on with studying.”

Brendon says that “Online Education is the same as Traditional Education as it is really still teaching but just done in another way.”

Susan says: “Teaching is really standardised online and the same material can be taught to everyone. What makes it so good is that each person can then take this material and do it in his or her own time. Some take faster and some are slower learners. This means each person can learn at his or her own pace.”

Other opinions from parents were that there are better opportunities as there are greater choices of subjects as at a traditional school. That online education teaches self-discipline, whereas in school you have discipline.

Amongst the opinions that online education is not better than traditional education; some people thought that it was just for adults and that you need to be self-disciplined and very motivated to be able to do your education online. The main complaint was that it offers more distraction for children if they are not supervised.

Integrated Education and Rebranding Failure

Society has this thing about failure. It has become the F-word, and that is all wrong. However, the concept of integrated education ties life’s failures and successes together in wonderful bundles!

For many of us, this fear of failure started out in school and grew into the workplace. Now, more than ever, traditional education focuses on getting the right answer, not learning to ask the right questions. The instructional value of our mistakes seems to be altogether forgotten!

As a teacher, I often hear students preface a question with, “This might sound stupid, but… ” Students fear sounding stupid and they fear being viewed as wrong-or as a failure. But, shouldn’t it be okay to discuss ideas, and to ask questions in a classroom? Shouldn’t it be okay to ask for clarity?

We have to change this fear of failure and make it okay for ourselves and our children to ask questions. It is a good thing to be curious and want to know the why’s and wherefores of a concept. We need to create a sacred space where asking questions is okay.

As an educator, in the classroom or in your own home, you have to be willing to show your vulnerability and even your lack of knowledge. If a parent, teacher or team leader doesn’t know the answer, he or she must be brave enough to say, “I don’t know, but let’s find out.”

Today’s educational systems seem focused on passing standardized tests and attaining high GPA’s. The fear of failure often causes stress and undue anxiety. Neither of those things enhances real learning nor makes education an exciting and fun part of life. Neither contribute to self-esteem or success.

The irony is that children are innately risk-takers. If there is something they can climb on, they will. If there is a curb, they will try to balance on it. If there is an animal coming their way, they will reach for it, or run towards it. This is how they learn to know the world. Trying new things out and taking risks is how they learn.

How many times did you have to fall down before you could walk? If you had been afraid of failing you would still be crawling! For many, fear of failure squelches any tendency to risk-taking and standardized testing inhibits self-confidence or gives a false sense of confidence. Failure becomes life’s biggest F-word.

Whether you are homeschooling or teaching a classroom of children, tell the great stories of failure! Thomas Edison tried thousands of different materials before he found the right one for the light bulb filament. Failure? No, that’s research and lots of it. Or as he put it, he learned thousands of ways that didn’t work, before he found the ideas that did! But, the important thing is he accepted his failures as part of the learning curve and moved forward.

To defuse the F-word mentality, we should celebrate our failures. Think about starting an Amazing Failure Club! You and your students could report what you have learned from taking risks or from asking questions. You could make and award merit badges or certificates that would encourage children to take a risk, ask pertinent questions and learn to do research. Teach them to ask “How did I fail? and “What did I learn?”

When you embrace integrated learning as a lifelong way of educating yourself and others, you will see all the things you are learning from your failures and your successes. Everything becomes interconnected and your dance of life becomes a wonderful mixture of “success” and “failure.” Each step is important to the dance as a whole.

To truly become successful, we must make failure our friend. Failure makes you a better, kinder, stronger, wiser and more capable being.

So, get out there and fail!

Earning a High School Diploma Online – A Convenient Alternative to Traditional Education

Obtaining high school diploma online has become a great option for some students who can’t find time to attend classes because they are preoccupied with work or other things. It is also perfect for students who need to stay at home due to health reasons, as well as for those who desire to study at their own pace and in the comforts of their own homes. The best thing about enrolling at online high schools is the huge savings that they guarantee their students.

Many of today’s accredited online study programs are very much affordable; some even offer discounts and scholarships to qualified students. Aside from cheaper registration fees and other charges, students need not allot budget for transportation and meals as they don’t have to go out of their homes to study. Through the learning modules and materials provided to them, they can study on their own without having to worry about travel and meal expenses.

Once they decided to earn their high school diploma online, they need to be aware of some important considerations when choosing among online study programs. With hundreds of them available, it is pretty hard to choose the best and most legitimate online school to enroll in. Many of them claim to offer the best and highest quality of education at affordable rates, but only few live up to their promises. It is important to choose wisely and evaluate each of the prospective online schools on the list. And most importantly, choose an online study program that is certified by the National Association for the Legal Support of Alternative Schools or any other nationally-recognized accreditation agency.

Interactive Education Over Traditional Education

The term “Interactive Education” raises many eyebrows out of wonder. Though we are living in a modern day world where we use high-end mobile phones, wear branded clothes, drive posh cars and try to stay updated with what’s happening around us, we often miss out the crucial concept of interactive education which is creating a stir in the classrooms.

Just as the name indicates, interactive education has been introduced with the sole purpose of making education system an interactive one! By inducing technology in classrooms you can craft a whole new world for the little angels where they draw their innocent dreams and learn the most crucial concepts of life. Moreover, it lets the teachers manipulate the technology for encouraging and developing an active learning environment.

Let’s delve deeper into some of the points on how the interactive mode of education is way better than the traditional one.

Control Your Study’s Pace: Almost all the chapters in an e-learning classroom are scheduled in such a manner so that they can be studied whenever needed. The chapters are contrived on a module-based design which allows the learners to grasp all the knowledge and move as they get clear with the points.

Learn Faster: Researches have shown that students learn much faster when taught in an interactive classroom over the traditional ones. This happens because students can easily skip the chapters they know already and hence move on the new ones on the list.

Uniform Content: Interactive education helps in eliminating misinterpretations and thus offers consistent information to all the learners.

Content as Per the Learners: The content in an e-learning classroom is designed depending upon the learners to make it effective and useful for them.

Update the Content: Unlike those tiring books which are updated after years of studies involving high cost, the e-learning content can be updated easily without many efforts depending on the benefits of the students. This also do wonders in corporate world where you can update the training material from time to time in order to add all the latest add-ons in your business.

Easy to Use Technology: All the technologies involved in e-learning are extremely easy to use and maintain. Users of all age groups can use these interactive tools to enjoy learning in a wonderful and interesting environment.

Interactive Online Sessions: Comprising of case studies, group discussions, project teams, chat rooms, story-telling, brilliant demonstrations, role-playing, simulations, streamed videos, online references, personalized coaching and much more, e-learning can really hook the participants by offering them an interesting platform to learn.